The Recipe of 49 Bitter Herbs and Spices, that Packs a Punch!

ANCENASAN® herbal is an exclusive blend of 49 finely ground herbs, spices, seeds, and fruits, rich in natural bitter substances. The plants have been carefully selected following traditional herbal recipes and expertly combined to create a unique taste synergy.

ANCENASAN® herbal is an ideal choice for daily consumption, to compensate for the lack of bitter substances in our modern diet.


  • 100% natural bitter herbs, spices, seeds and fruits in fine powder form or as capsules
  • Proven for over 20 years
  • Alcohol-free, without any additives
  • Vegan & gluten-free
  • Bitter herbs from 5 different classes of bitter herbs
  • Made in Germany 
49 Bitterkräuter

Key Benefits

  • To compensate for the lack of bitter substances in our modern diet 
  • For a delightful bitter-aromatic taste experience before or after meals 
  • The counterbalance to all the sweetness and saltiness 
  • Also ideal as a caffeine-free herbal espresso after meals 
  • Super easy to prepare 

Recommended Use

Powder: Prepared as a tea, stir ½ teaspoon (about 0,6 g) into 150 ml of non-boiling water (60-80°C) or as a concentrate into 50 ml of water. Always drink the herbs that settle on the bottom. 

A bitter-aromatic delight to be enjoyed before or after a meal.

Capsules: Take 1 capsule daily before or after a meal with sufficient water (preferably warm). 


Ingredients: turmeric, blackthorn, black cumin seeds, barberries, artichoke, cloves, olive leaves, yarrow, nasturtium, gentian root, centaury, dandelion leaves and roots, mace, allspice, caraway, marshmallow root, ginger root, watercress, horsetail herb, angelica root, juniper berries, coneflower herb, coriander seeds, orange peels, anise, chamomile, thyme, fennel, sage, chicory, papaya leaves, ground ivy herb, speedwell herb, wild garlic leaves, green tea, lavender, cinnamon bark, burnet root, parsley root, licorice root, agrimony herb, Icelandic moss, marigolds, nettle leaves, chickweed, hyssop herb, rosehip shells, red mallow, cayenne chili.

Available Sizes

20g (Powder)

19,00 €

(95,00 € / 100g)

42g (60 Capsules) 

34,00 €

High Quality through Residue Controls

In order to guarantee the quality of our product without exception, we have regular extensive residue controls of the herbal mixture carried out by an independent laboratory. These analyses for heavy metals, pesticides, microbiological contamination etc. can be requested from us if required.

High Quality Packaging

The valuable herbs are naturally protected from harmful UV rays in high quality violet glasses.

About us

Ancenasan was founded by Ann Beyer who is a holistic nutrition therapist and health consultant specializing in digestive health, acid-base balance and detoxification. Her intense involvement with these topics was motivated by her two children, who suffered from severe atopic dermatitis, asthma and allergies as infants. She recognized early on that these illnesses are closely related to nutrition, emotional conflicts and especially gut health. The intensive search for holistic ways to improve the quality of life for her children and others affected eventually became her vocation and led, among other things, to the creation of this special blend of 49 different herbs, spices, fruits and seeds (Ancenasan® herbal) in 1997. Today, the product range of Ancenasan includes not only bitter herbs but also other high-quality nutritional supplements, which also originate mainly from proprietary recipes and production facilities. Today, the company is managed jointly by Ann Beyer and her daughter and nutritionist (Dipl.Oec.troph.) Nadia Beyer. 

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